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After 28 years in the music business - it was time for a change - it was a great run, and I’ve still got my hand in it via some consulting work, but new work horizons beckon.   I was fortunate enough to work all those years with, in and around music - a great passion for me.  But I have another great passion - cycling.   I’ve managed to create a few opportunities to combine these two passions over the years - a comprehensive package of concert performances, branding/product sampling opportunities tied in to a major US stage race.  Sadly, this was ahead of its time when conceived and pitched - but the conception, research and sales efforts for this package taught me much.  It was a concept that at the time was not common - since then, it’s pretty de rigueur for races.  

More recently I have been booking and overseeing all music and entertainment for Cycle Oregon.  Cycle Oregon has run for 26 years - 2000+ riders moving daily across the beauty of Oregon by bike.

Additionally I’ve been working with a number of bicycle business clients to develop their brand, messaging, and product marketing materials.

To consulting clients within the bike business, I bring a deep and varied skill set borne out of the width of my job duties over the years.  As a result of massive changes in the landscape of the music business over the last 20 years, I’ve gone  from dealing daily with major music corporations‘ executive staffs to running all facets of an entrepreneurial, hands on business.  Through it all, I’ve been extensively involved in marketing, messaging, branding, logistics, customer service, and event management, to name only a few of my varied day to day responsibilities.  

I’ve faced and met the challenges of launching new products across a range of business entities and target consumers.  I’ve been involved in direct interaction with consumers and understand the realities, challenges, and opportunities of customer service in our connected, social media age.

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