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Who are you working with... and why?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Do the people that you are working with share your goals?  Can you work together when you are just starting out, or is it already contentious?  If so, perhaps its time to have a discussion about how to improve your working relationship.  Things will only get harder and more complicated the more successful a band becomes - its common to think that its hardest when you are slogging it out to get started - and it *is* hard and stressful.  However, with every step up the foodchain, while old hassles may be diminished, those stressors are almost always replaced by other, new stresses.  Not that it never gets better, it does, but the stresses never go away - so its vital that you have relationships and lines of communication that are strong enough to weather significant storms.  I’m not advocating breaking up the band or the partnership if there are difficult relationships within - but rather that you take the time and effort to  improve those relationships and your ability to communicate directly and productively.

updated: 11 years ago