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Can I get more me? - UPDATED

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Can I get more me?
That's one of my favorite lines from recording one of the two Pacific Wonderland CDs. Pacific Wonderland was a late, great band that I played in here in Portland. The lead singer, Steve Lockwood, (check out his kickass current band - The Redeemed) was asking the engineer to turn up the volume of the vocals in his headphones before doing another take. Since it was right before the count in to the song, we heard that little request about a hundred times before we were done recording, and it made me laugh every time... who doesn't want more me?

I'm pretty sure *you* don't want too much more *me*, but since this is the first post here, it seems somewhat relevant to give you a bit of background on me.

I got dragged into this wonderful mess of a business over 25 years ago by playing bass in bands, a bad habit that continues to this day, unchecked by time and hard earned wisdom. Things got even messier and better when I started working for CBS Records in 1985 as a College Rep. Upon graduating college, I moved to New York to run the College Department at CBS Records/Sony Music. Following a stint doing A R, I left the company to start a management firm in 1991. My management career has seen me working with artists as diverse as Fastball, Steve Forbert, Maia Sharp, Matthew Sweet , Timbuk 3 and many others. Since 1993 to the present I have managed singer/songwriter David Wilcox.

I've played in a bunch of bands over the years across the country, but since 1997 here in Portland its been Red Footed Genius, Pacific Wonderland, Marvelann, and The West.

But enough about me, I hope to keep the focus of this blog much more on how artists can build themselves a long lasting, sustainable and satisfying career playing music.

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