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A little bit about my philosophy of life, the Music Business and Everything, (including Ultimate Frisbee)

Monday, December 17, 2007

A little bit about my philosophy of life the Music Business and Everything including Ultimate Frisbee

Thats me with the disc in a tournament a few years back.   I think that something brilliant happened as a result of my great throw here.... leastwise that's how *I* remember it.

So what does Ultimate Frisbee have to do with any of this?  I'm glad you asked,  very little and everything.... its a hard game, lots of running, people (like the resolute gentleman in the photo) standing in your way trying to keep you from getting gigs, or uh,  throwing the disc to your teammate.  And sometimes things happen, the wind picks up making it hard to throw accurately, you get tired, someone drops a note, er, a disc, but you keep at it.  It's incredibly hard work, particularly in a long point near the end of a long of a (tour)nament where everyone's tired, but the reason that you keep doing it is because you want and need to do it, and, most importantly, you enjoy doing it.  You even have to enjoy that it *is* hard - it may suck at times, but you will be best served if you love what you are doing, and would be doing it anyway, just for the love of it.   Very, very few people  play Ultimate Frisbee for any kind of a paycheck, so anyone who plays the game does it because they love it... that doesn't mean that folks don't work hard to improve their game, just like you are trying to do with your career, but the most important thing at the root of those efforts is the love of making music,  I mean playing Ultimate.  The bonus of a career making music vs playing Ultimate Frisbee, is that its a *lot* easier to  make a living at music... so for as bad as you might think you've got it slogging it out in some club, you can look to Ultimate players and know that *you* have a better chance of making a living at music than they will ever have by playing disc.   So you're already ahead as a musician, you're *winning!*  

See how it all ties together?

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