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Sadly True....

Friday, February 05, 2010

Sadly True
Don't know anything about Dan Piraro, this cartoonist,  except that I like his stuff... and he obviously knows about much of the current state of recorded music.  Check out more on him here or here and buy your very own shirt with this comic here.

When I saw this I laughed.  And then it struck me that I was having a response like the one  I had years ago when I first saw 'Spinal Tap'.  I had only just scratched the surface of the music biz at that time, but I knew the movie was satire...right?.... you know, satire,  the use of exaggeration and irony to ridicule or expose stupidity... and surely that's there... but as much as it's a 'mock-umentary', after getting deeper into the music biz I learned that it also could play pretty much as a straight documentary too.... it was way more real and much less satire than I imagined.

Same with this cartoon... seems like a bit of exaggerated lampooning of the material and singing skills some 'artists' bring to the recording studio... but how exaggerated is it really?

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