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In A Rut....?

Saturday, March 06, 2010

What have you done lately that's different?

How much of what you do is by rote?

What happens if you make a point to different things, or to take familiar things and do them differently?

Be smart about it, of course.  Experimenting with driving on the left side of the road here in the US, isn't wise, and I'm not suggesting that kind of recklessness, even metaphorically.  But I am suggesting that you lead a wholly examined life.  A mindfully chosen path to your creativity, to your business, heck, why not to your whole life?  Not just change for changes sake, but meaningful assessment and a willingness to change if warranted.

It doesn't mean that what you've been doing is wrong, you may find all sorts of ways that you've got it totally dialed and no change is necessary at present, and that's way cool.

But there are probably some areas of your life that you could benefit from a different approach, no?

What those areas  are is not  possible for me to say, I'm just suggesting you look to see where they are - then set about trying incrementally and thoughfully to experiment with change as necessary.  Then see what new vistas or pathways might open up.

Have fun.

updated: 9 years ago